Working principle and structure of corn flour mill machine

The working principle and main structure of the corn mill is similar to the horizontal wheat mill. The difference is the surface condition of the drum. The Riddle Drum consists of two parts. The feeding part is a scale-shaped screen, which is beneficial to corn friction and peeling. The discharge part is a punching screen, which can discharge the crushed small particles from the screen drum.

Corn enters the machine. The rotating plate impacts and mixes at high speed, impacts and rubs against the inner wall of the mesh drum. In this action, the corn is dehulled, and then the corn germ is separated from the white. Corn husks, grits and germs are discharged from under the outlet push plate. The pressure door adjusts the unloading mechanism to control the peeling and degerming efficiency. Flour, broken small particles and germs are discharged from the outlet under the sieve through the sieve holes.
Corn flour of different thicknesses

Post time: Jul-21-2023