Introduction of corn flour machine

equipment generated
As the king of coarse grain nutrition, corn can regulate human metabolism, improve immune function, enhance body resistance, remove garbage in the body, resist disease and prevent aging. As people pay more attention to health, they gradually realize the nutritional and health effects of corn and other miscellaneous grains, in order to make better use of this green resource.
It has the advantages of simple structure, good processing and installation technology, small size, light noise, convenient operation and use, and is not easy to produce over-torque or sticky flour. It is composed of feeding system and traction clutch crushing system. It integrates crushing, grinding, The feed processing machine is integrated, which can process flour of different specifications and meshes. The fully automatic corn flour mill with the least investment, the highest degree of automation, and the smallest floor space.
Suitable for range
Rural and small-scale grain and feed processing operations, grain and oil markets, supermarkets, schools, government agencies, canteens and other units are ground and used, and can process various miscellaneous grains. The corn flour mill has a very high degree of automation. The whole process is processed by air circulation, automatic feeding, automatic grinding, automatic powder screening, automatic bagging, and only one person can operate it.

Post time: Jan-10-2023