How to install the grain silo ?

Steel silo assembly is one of the most important issues in steel silo sector. Elevator Systems, Grain Storage systems, Steel silos and conveyor systems sent by the manufacturer for assembly are composed of many components. Installation must be done with experienced personnel. While these products can be easily assembled, they can lead to malfunctions, losses in stored products, and many workloads and material losses due to materials that are overlooked or not in use. Many companies that do not have any institutional or continuity logic are not aware of the risk they are placing on the company they will serve while struggling not to become unemployed.


Install silo roof circle and purlin.

First, do the support frame according to the roof height, and then fix the top ring and purlin connection angle with screws, and then install the purlin one by one .


Position the top layer wall (according to the design thickness) according to the design of the connection screw and warehouse roof stiffening ring connection. According to the basic design of fixed ceiling mount installation.


Installing hold ceiling and silo roof ladders, silo roof manholes, natural ventilation holes, silo roof guard bar, and must paint waterproof glue on the flange connected by the silo roof bolts. In order to prevent rainwater inside the silo when rain season. If two or more silos in the design of the silo roof corridor, when install the silo roof, we should install transition channel and Corridor brace, diagonal brace, cross arm in the position of corridor  on the first wall plate.  In order to install Corridor later.


According to the designed wall plate and keel thickness, install from the top to the bottom one by one, we require the upper outer, lower inner when connect the wall plates, fix use the splint between the keels. To achieve the required strength bolts, Can not be leave out and not tighten bolts installed phenomenon, Bolts must put waterproof pad, sealing tape must be put on the gap between the wall plates, and guarantee the same thickness.


Install from the top to the bottom one by one according to the wall layers and thickness, also install the ladder outside silo. After finishing, according to each keel corresponding  each  based embedded part (or steel cone bottom connection plates), position according to the designed center distance strictly. After adjusting the silo vertical, welding the keels and embedded parts, Requires all real, welding line with national requirements, and not welding, weld, and do not knock the dregs.

The above are the steel silo installation steps, we Goldrain offer turnkey project, one stop service, for more details, you may contact us directly.

Post time: Apr-10-2022