How to distinguish the quality of flour

The color of good flour is off-white, and the color of refined white powder is white, powdery, free of impurities, and has a normal sweet smell. There are four ways to check the flour:
1. Visual identification: Take a small amount of flour on the palm of your hand and observe it against the light under scattered light during the day. The normal flour is white or yellowish without variegation, and the abnormal flour is off-white or dark yellow, dark and uneven in color. uniform. Gently press the flour flat, and observe the amount of bran compared with the standard sample. If the amount of bran is large and densely distributed, it means that the processing accuracy cannot meet the requirements.
2. Smell identification: Normal flour has the inherent clear fragrance of flour, such as sour, bitter, musty, hala or other peculiar smells, which is unqualified flour.
3. Taste identification: pinch a little dry flour with your hands and put it in your mouth. If there is gritty teeth, it means that the flour has a high sand content; if the taste is sour, it is judged that the flour has high acidity. For the taste test, it is best to taste the flour as mature food. After the normal flour is processed into mature food, taste the “aftertaste” of starch and the taste is delicate.
4. Tactile identification: Grab a handful of flour with your hands and pinch it hard. If the flour is powdery and has no grainy feeling, it can be judged that the flour has high moisture content when it is loosened after kneading. Such flour is prone to heat and Moldy and spoiled.

Post time: May-25-2023