• A joke of world cup
    Post time: Nov-24-2022

    Everybody know that a big thing happenend recently, that’s the World Cup is begins. we have a joke in this game “All the china except china football teams took part in the World Cup ” despite the china football team can’t join in World Cup but made in China full of world cup . Big to arena ,sma...Read more »

  • Grain  milling machine 101
    Post time: Nov-18-2022

    If the Grain milling machine has 101 competition. Chinese made Grain milling machine need to be nominated.Chinese products have great advantages like the huge volume of production brings low prices. Huge productivity make chinese product under the same quality level ...Read more »

  • Post time: Apr-10-2022

    Steel silo assembly is one of the most important issues in steel silo sector. Elevator Systems, Grain Storage systems, Steel silos and conveyor systems sent by the manufacturer for assembly are composed of many components. Installation must be done with experienced personnel. While these products...Read more »