Grain Cleaning Equipment

  • TCXTseries magnetic seperator

    TCXTseries magnetic seperator

    Main types:TCXT12、15、20、25、30、40. Magnetic induction of the magnetic separator surface is intensity. Adsorbability is high to the metal impurities.It can remove the metal sundries of wheat effectively.It is the essentail equipment for improving the flour quality and purity.
  • DMW series and DM series scourer

    DMW series and DM series scourer

    Main typesDMW30×9540×10040×150;DM30×684075

    They are smoothness of peration,low noise.They can effectively remove the dust,hair and shell of wheat to impove cleaning effect.

  • TQLZ High efficiency vibrating sieve

    TQLZ High efficiency vibrating sieve

    TQLZ series balancing vibrating sifter is suitable  for the clearning of wheat,durum wheat,corn,rye,soybeans,oats,quinoa,spelt wheat,millet and rice, or pre-leaning of bulk storage,but also for feed processing,Seed processing,oil processing, and coffee bean grading. The Vibrating Screener separates grain, large and small trash, and also classifies the material by particle size.

  • Plane revolving sifter

    Plane revolving sifter

    Technical Parameters rotary separator is designed to remove both coarse and fine impurities from wheat based on their differences in size. For medium-quality grain, the separation rate varies depending on the impurity type, and the detailed values are listed below: 1. Coarse impurities:
  • Gravity classifier destoner

    Gravity classifier destoner

    Technical Parameters This GRAVITY SELECTOR is mainly used for wheat first cleaning and screening, grading of wheat, concentrating on light impurity (buckwheat, Grass seeds, Blighted wheat, worm wheat) and removing stone and sand.It also can be used for other cereal grains and seeds selection, like as grading and cleaning dust an stone for barely, corn, soybean, paddy, brown rice, Rye etc.: Description Gravity classifier destoner classification of particle material, in grain cleanin...
  • Wheat washer

    Wheat washer

    Technical Parameters wheat washer is a wet cleaning machine that is commonly used in large and medium sized flour mills.: Description Adopt water to wash the grain and remove stone equipment, in Grain Cleaning section , while washing, also conditioning the grain. Functions After the coarse, fine and light impurities are all eliminated from the wheat, this machine should be applied to wash away clods, mixed stones, pesticides, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants which may adh...
  • Intensive dampener

    Intensive dampener

    Technical Parameters To guarantee that the moisture content of wheat meets the requirements of following procedures. As a continuous and highly efficient machine, this product is designed to add exact amount of water into the wheat, and then the water is uniformly distributed with the help of a screw conveyor.: Description Intensive Dampener is the mainly equipment for the water adjustment of wheat in the cleaning process of the wheat flour mill.It can make wheat moisture uniformit...
  • Wheat brusher

    Wheat brusher

    Technical Parameters This machine,through impacting,pressing and mopping the wheat,can remove the husk hairs,and clean the impurities sticking on the wheat grains.: Description Used in flour milling and sifting section This machine use rotating brushes and beating plate to brush and beat the bran, separate the flour adhering on the bran,extract the flour from bran through sieve cloth and purify the bran. 1. Collecting more flour 2. High flour extraction rate 3. High level final f...
  • Air suction separator

    Air suction separator

    Technical Parameters Remove dust, husk and other low-density impurities from cereal grains, and it is the ideal device to cut down ash content of grains before grinding.: Description Aspiration separator——Air suction separator The machine dedicated separate low proportion impurity like hull and dust from grain (such as: wheat, corn, barley, oil and so on). It can be used for grain warehouse, flour mill, rice mill, corn processing plant, oil plant, feed mill, alcohol fac...
  • Maize degerminator

    Maize degerminator

    Technical Parameters It is used to extract embryo from the mixture of the materials.: Description Maize embryo selector Which as a special machine in maize flour milling plant, used in first stage——cleaning section . Depending on the differences in specific gravity and suspension velocity between maize embryo and grit, our maize embryo selector takes advantage of the airflow that moves upwards to separate the embryo and frit. This machine can separate maize grit, maize ...


    Technical Parameters Usage: Pre-cleaning for the raw grain in flour processing plant, used for sifting, separating of the large, middle, small impurities from the grain . Description High efficiency vibrating sieve VIBRO SEPARATOR  The sieve body is mounted on rubber spring , the vibrating sifter separate the grain from coarse and fine impurities by sifting.Self-cleaning rubber balls are installed at the bottom sieve.Construction in High-grade mild steel plate, sheet, angle and cha...
  • Corn Peeling Polisher

    Corn Peeling Polisher

    Technical Parameters Corn peeling machine, corn crusher——used in the cleaning section.: Description Also known as Corn peeling machine, corn crusher, corn degerminator, Corn Germ Removal Machine, which used in the maize cleaning section, before go into the maize milling part. Technical Parameters of Maize Embryo Selector Model Power
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