GR-S2500 Tonnes Flat Bottom Silo

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Silo Capacity: 2500 Tons Silo Bottom : Flat Bottom Silo
Silo Diameter: 15.6 m Installation: Assemble Silo
Zinc Coating: 275 g / m 2

2500 Tonnes Flat Bottom Silo is a Flat Bottom Silo with high strengthen bolt assembled together, Silo plate is Hot Galvanized Steel Sheets with zinc coating 275 g/ m2, or 375 g/m2,450 g/m2 as customers’s required . Considering it’s flat bottom silo, so we equip the Sweep Auger on the Silo bottom when discharge the grain out from the Steel Silo .


Aeration system in the silo bottom in order to keep the grain a good stage :


Flat Bottom Silo Steel Plate Processing Line: 

Flat-Bottom-Silo-2500 tons

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