Flour Milling Equipment

  • FMFZ25 *(60/80/100)Computerized auto-control mill

    FMFZ25 *(60/80/100)Computerized auto-control mill

    It is equipped with denti-wedge belt drive of slow and quick rollers and stepless adjustment of feeding roller which is suitable for modern and large flour mills.

  • Roller mill

    Roller mill

    Technical Parameters It is used to grind the cereal. Our product possesses many outstanding properties as illustrated below.: Description 1. Type: Single roller mill, Double roller mill  6F&6FY 2235
  • Square plansiter

    Square plansiter

    Technical Parameters Essential machines in flour production line, the FSFG series square plansifter is primarily applied to sift and grade the ground materials, and it can work as an inspection sifter.: Description Square plansiter—- Plan square sifter Key part in flour mill in the flour grinding machine.The equipment is a kind of high efficient plane rotary screen processing equipment, it is composed of four or six, eight mutually isolated warehouse room, according to the di...
  • Double bin sifter

    Double bin sifter

    Technical Parameters sifting and classifying flour in the milling section: Description Double bin sifter Also known as double bin sieve. FSFJ series double bin screen, single bin screen: The machine is used for screening and grading of small grain processing plant.  Function: sifting and classifying  Different screen size and mesh size of the final product. Main Model: single bin screen: 1
  • Bran brusher

    Bran brusher

    Technical Parameters They are used to brush and peel bran to decrease the flour content in bran and increase extraction .: Description Bran Brusher 1. Used in the flour milling section 2. Function: remove bran from the flour 3. Usage: get more flour from the bran, improve the flour extraction rate . Our product employs slanted beaters to give the tangentially incoming material stream an extra axial motion, and this could improve the flour yield. Meanwhile, the special-shaped screen...
  • Purifier


    Technical Parameters It is used to purify and grade the different-sized middling and semolina offered by previous plansifter for a second time, thus obtaining pure middling and semolina with improved quality and more consistent particle size distribution. Subsequently, these high-quality intermediate products will enhance the flour quality.: Description Purifier 1. Used in second section—–grain milling section 2.Function: Purifying and classification  3. Usage: gradin...
  • Impact Detacher

    Impact Detacher

    Technical Parameters In the production of same grade powder, because of extrusion, the material extruded into sheet, if directly sifting,then affects the sieve flour extraction rate. So need to loose powder .: Description Function : using high-speed rotating rotor impact .   Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Dimension(mm) FSJZ430 1-1.5 3 520*540*590 FSJZ470 1.3-1.8 4 550*580*620 FSJZ530 1.5-2.5 5.5 640*650*720 Related Products Purifier Bran brusher Double bin sift...