Flat Bottom Silo

  • GR-S3500 Steel Storage Silo

    GR-S3500 Steel Storage Silo

    Technical Parameters Silo Capacity : 3500 MT Silo Diameter: 18.5 Meter Silo Plate: Hot Galvanized Steel Sheets Zinc Coating: 275 g / m2 Description Silos are used in agriculture to store grain ,such as wheat, corn, paddy,soybeans etc, which Easy installation and Insulation than the traditional warehouse. For the Flat Bottom Steel Storage Silo, which suit for the silo capacity above 1500 tons, while this bottom silo will give a stability support. Steel Storage Silo Features: Typ...
  • 5000 MT Storage Silo

    5000 MT Storage Silo

    Technical Parameters Silo Capacity: 5000 Tons Silo Diameter: 20.1 Meter Steel Plate: Corrugated steel sheet Description 5000 MT Flat Bottom Silo is Max. Silo capacity, in order to consider the Steel Silo stability. A commercial 275 g/m2 double galvanized steel coating increases life and durability. 450 g/m2 and 600 g/m2 coating available for customized order. Each sidewall sheets are manufactured from high-tensile steel that has the ability to overcome extreme power, pressure. Stor...
  • Flat Bottom Silo

    Flat Bottom Silo

    Technical Parameters Flat Bottom Silos Capacity
  • GR-S1000


    Technical Parameters Silo capacity: 1000 Tons Material: Hot Galvanized Steel Sheets Zinc Coating: 275 g / m2 Description Hot-galvanized Grain Steel Silo Flat bottom steel silo with capacity between 1000 tons and 15,000 tons to store all kinds of grains such as wheat, corn, rice, bean, soyabean, barley, sunflower and other free-flowing products.The silo body and its components are designed based on the weather and soil conditions of the erection site. The durability of the silo agai...
  • GR-S1500


    Technical Parameters Silo Capacity: 1500 ton Installation: Assembly type silo Silo Sheets: Corrugated Description Grain Storage Bins Bolted Steel Silo Fabricated steel silo, which is a mechanical roll and molded into corrugated sheet punching, and use the electric torque wrench with high strength bolt assembly. The silo wall plate is  corrugated type, which is galvanized sheet metal panels, its thickness is generally 0.8 ~ 4.2 mm, and wall plates thickness up to 8.4 mm Production P...
  • GR-S2000


    Technical Parameters Silo Volume: 2000 mt Silo Bottom : Flat bottom Silo Sheets: Corrugated Description Assembly Corrugated Grain Silo This grain silo with flat bottom , capacity 2000 tonnes silo, grain silo diameter is 14.6 m,silo volume is 2790 CBM, grain silo with Auxiliary Systems: Ventilation System, Temperature Sensor System, Fumigation System,Thermal Insulation System, grain discharge use Sweep auger and screw conveyor. The structure consists of two parts: The body and the r...
  • GR-S2500 Tonnes Flat Bottom Silo

    GR-S2500 Tonnes Flat Bottom Silo

    Technical Parameters Silo Capacity: 2500 Tons Silo Bottom : Flat Bottom Silo Silo Diameter: 15.6 m Installation: Assemble Silo Zinc Coating: 275 g / m 2 Description 2500 Tonnes Flat Bottom Silo is a Flat Bottom Silo with high strengthen bolt assembled together, Silo plate is Hot Galvanized Steel Sheets with zinc coating 275 g/ m2, or 375 g/m2,450 g/m2 as customers’s required . Considering it’s flat bottom silo, so we equip the Sweep Auger on the Silo bottom when disch...
  • GR-S3000 Grain Silo

    GR-S3000 Grain Silo

    Technical Parameters Silo Capacity: 3000 Tons Silo Diameter: 17.4 Meter Installation: Assemble Silo Description Steel Flat Bottom Silo wall sheets are corrugated that is made of high quality galvanizing board; the sheets are bolted together by common or high strengthen bolts. The thickness of Steel Flat Bottom Silo wall is designed according to the strength theory, which makes the whole wall can afford even swelling tension. At the same time, the interior vertical stiffeners can af...