Auxiliary Equipment

  • Impulse dust filter

    Impulse dust filter

    Technical Parameters This machine used for wind transporting, dedusting, filtering, floating flour reclaiming.: Description TBLM low pressure impulse duster Main types
  • Centrifugal Fan

    Centrifugal Fan

    Technical Parameters This machine is used in the flour factory for transporting material and dedusting,: Description Depending on the pressure level, the centrifugal fan is divided into three types. a. Low pressure type: The pressure generated is less than or equal to 100 millimeter of water. b. Medium pressure type: The pressure generated is within 100-300 millimeter of water. c. High pressure type: The pressure generated is within 300-1500 millimeter of water. Related Products ...
  • Air lock

    Air lock

    Technical Parameters It is installed at the outlet of a discharger or a deduster to discharge materials or dust continuously and timely, and simultaneously, it could prevent the atmosphere from penetrating into the discharger or deduster.: Description 1. Our product makes use of two sealed bearings, and there are small holes on the bottom of bearings. So, dust won