Aeration System

  • Aeration system

    Aeration system

    Technical Parameters Description Exhaust Fans: Exhaust Fans are placed at the roof section of the silos and used in special aeration systems where the silos are placed in a humidity region. Roof exhausters help your aeration fans effectively control grain spoilage in storage bins with flat or pitched roofs. These high volume fans produce the effective sweeping action needed to reduce condensation on the top of your grain. Vents: Roof vents are designed to carry out the warm air from the sil...
  • Silo Sweep Auger

    Silo Sweep Auger

    Technical Parameters Description Sweep Auger After the normal grain discharge of the flat bottom silo, a small quantity normally remains. This load is transferred to the silo center by the sweep auger and discharged.  Capacity, diameter of the screw, power and other parameters depend directly on the silo capacity and customer requirements and are designed to fit the device.  The device is rotated 360 degrees around the center of the silo and the remaining grain is transferred to the outgoin...