6FYDT-200 Corn Flour Plant

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6FYDT-200 Corn Flour Plant

Technical Parameters
Capacity: 200 ton / day Raw grain: Maize, Corn
Workshop size: 39000*12000*19000 mm

The 200 tons per day Corn Flour Plant is the big capacity during corn milling plant, the line can extract super fine corn flour suit for food in daily life, as to the Maize germ and maize bran: 20-25% , we can separate them or not. that is according to whether you use the germ. You know the germ is used for oil, but in small corn mill line, such as the 30 ton corn mill line , you can get very very little germ from the line, and according to our experience, the African people dont separate the germ.

Full Automatic Corn Mill Processing Line Brief introductions:

Cleaning section——-Milling section——Packing section

1. Capacity (maize/24h):   Production capacity: 200-250 t/24h

2. Flour extraction:
1) Maize fine flour: 75-80%
2) Maize germ:7-10%
3) Maize bran: 8-15%

3. Guarantee: One Year

4. Backup Service: One year spare part for free.

5. Power supply: 450 kw

6. Total weight of the equipment: 90T

7. Dimension of the factory: 39x12x9 m

8. Container: 40`

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