6FYDT-20 Maize Grinding Machine

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6FYDT-20 Maize Grinding Machine

Technical Parameters
Capacity: 20 ton / day Final products extraction rate: Corn flour
Corn grit: 25-30% Corn germ: 5-10%
Bran: 5-10%

This maize grinding machine complete set line is composed of Cleaning Conditioning section, Milling sifting section, Weight Packing part. After processed by these machines, you will get different kinds products for your special use. The Low-fat Corn flour is high demand for people daily life , our maize grinding machine adopt advanced technology to remove germ and bran from the flour, making sure the flour without blackdot, without bran mixed .

Equipment Name Maize Grinding Machine
Output 20 tons/24H
Cleaning Equipment
1) High-speed Vibrating Sieve
2) Gravity classifying destoner
3) Magnetic Separator
4) Low Pressure Blower
Peeling and crushing equipment
1) Corn peeling machine
2) Germ separator
3) Low pressure blower
Milling Equipment
1) Roller Mill
2) Double-section screen
3) Bran brusher
4 ) High Pressure Blower
Packing equipment
Flour packing machine
Bran packing machine
Products & extraction rate(%)
Corn flour: 50-70%
Corn grit: 25-30%
Corn germ: 5-10%
Bran: 5-10%


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